//ghosting* Glacier (here meaning create, compose, record, rewrite, communicate)

is a collaborative and interdiciplinary art project about the glacier. 

the project investigates the human/nature relationship in a time of climate change and will result in a short film and original sound-score all composed, written, created and performed at/on/by  the glacier.

the project uses artistic approaches to investigate how we continuously affect and are being affected by our interaction with place. 

by entangling and blending the boundaries between glacier and human

we would like to investigate and explore the continual influences by the presences of bodies and beings, in a coalition of human and more-than-human wills. 

the project also addresses the subconscious and emotional defence-mechanisms many people experience in relating to and dealing with climate change, and how these mechanisms manifests themselves in our expression, in our ideas and in our contact with a melting glacier. 

filming will commence spring 2020. 

all photography by Linnea Syversen

ghosting Glacier is an independently funded project. To support us click here. All proceeds will strictly go to support the project. 

These companies has kindly sponsored us with equipment 





“The women I knew portrayed glaciers as conscious and responsive to humans. Glaciers, they insisted, are willful, sometimes capricious, easily excited by human intemperance but equally placated by quick-witted human responses. Glaciers engage all the senses.

Julie Cruikshank




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